The perfect cleaning cloth to help keep your interior looking fresh and new. The Plush Daddy is a unique dual purpose tool, one side being the super plush and luxurious ultra microfibre for fast cleaning of dust and finger mark around your interior. The other side is a low pile weave that is bang-on for removing leather, fabric and viny cleaning products, leaving a perfect finish every time.

  • Ultra Microfibre for cleaning your interior easier and faster.
  • Safe on clear instrument plastics, glossy finishes and carbon accented parts.
  • Super soft long pile side lures in dust for fast cleaning on your cars console and dash.
  • Low pile side for perfect leather and vinyl care product removal.
  • Lint free, so you’re not spending days removing fine hairs.
  • Durable and safe micro-soft edges will not scratch delicate areas.
  • Machine washable, so this Daddy will last for years when cared for correctly.

Plush Daddy