This fantastic super hydrophobic spray is the most protective product in our range. Apply it to a dry surface to get awesome protection as well as a stunning shine. It also creates pretty damn sweet super hydrophobic water beading and sheeting.

  • A durable synthetic sealant to protect, enhance and make your vehicle a lot easier to keep clean.
  • Super hydrophobic finish, for sweet bead porn and water sheeting that can last for months.
  • Leaves a stunning shine, with epic gloss and a remarkable smoothness to the paint.
  • Hassle free and easy to use, with no streaking or smearing.
  • For modern clear coat paints that are in good condition, for single stage and older paints use our Fully Slick or Lazy Wax.
  • Water based formula that’s safe on paint, glass, chrome, headlights, plastic trims & more.
  • Perfect to further boost shine and protection on ceramic coated surfaces and our coming waxes.
  • Free of SiO2 or TiO2 nano particles, but still creates an awesome ‘ceramic’ like effect.
  • Can be used alone, but it's even better to use with either Wet Dreams or Happy Ending after-wash products to maintain a great level of protection over the long-term.
  • Always use our Flash Prep on the surface before first applying Bead Machine. 
  • Apply it using 2 x Big Softie cloths for the best results. 
  • Proudly all Aussie made, with 2 years of intensive, real world development in our local conditions.



    Bead Machine