This is our introductory kit – a good way to get your Bowden’s Own collection going. We have some cool "Mini Me" 125ml bottles of popular products in here, along with some of our most popular microfibre cloths to use with the products. Kick start your Bowden’s Own collection today!


In this kit you’ll find the following:

  • Wash Bucket + Lid - Proudly Australian made, solid construction.
  • Great Barrier Thingy - All Australian designed and made. Traps dirt at the bottom of your bucket to help reduce the chance of scratches and swirls.
  • Nanolicious Wash - Our dream wash, created with the finest modern ingredients available.
  • Wheely Clean V2 Mini Me - The fast and easy way to remove heavy brake dust.
  • Lazy Wax Mini Me - The fastest and easiest way to wax your car.
  • Naked Glass Mini Me - For perfectly clear and bare glass. No streak formula, no ammonia.
  • Boss Gloss Mini Me - Our fastest and easiest to use detailing spray.
  • Shagtastic Wash Pad - Groovy blend of funky fibres work together to give a blissful, safe wash experience.
  • The Big Green Sucker - Super absorbent microfibre towel that literally sucks water into its fibres, so you can dry in half the time.
  • Big Softie Blue Piping - Ideal for buffing off cleanser, polish and wax residues. Perfect for use with After Glow.
  • Drop Bear - Ideal for the final wipe down/removal of quality waxes and cleaners, and for use with our detailing sprays.
  • Microfibre Wash Mini Me - Restores and keeps the softness, plushness and absorbency to your microfibre.

A Little Intro to Bowden's Own