Frequently asked questions


My video playback stops prematurely or wont play at all.

There are two possible causes if the video ends prematurely (recording finishes before the car returns to the pits). 1. Your USB was disconnected before the writing of the file had completed. 2. The USB is corrupt or poor quality. Unfortunately there is a huge difference between USB qualities. We always recommend using the high quality USBs such as SanDisk or Verbatim. USBs from promotional companies tend to have cheap internals and we see issues with these all the time. If you have issues with your video, don't make any changes to the files and contact info@edgemotorsport.com.au as we may still be able to help.

Why doesn't my video have sound?

If your recording has no sound, we recommend trying another media player first to check if it's a recording issue or a playback issue. We recommend using VLC player which is a free media player and can be download online. If you still have no video in VLC, check the microphone connection at the HDX2 box. If the microphone is connected properly, please contact info@edgemotorsport.com.au for further support.


Does it matter what type of SD card I use?

The better quality card you use the better your experience will be. If you use a poor quality SD card it might not only effect the quality of the video recorded but also restrict you when transferring data to your PC - you will definitely need something with a transfer rate over 20MB/s. We recommend spending a little more and getting something from one of the top manufacturers (e.g. Lexar, Sandisk) and using a USB 3.0 card reader.

I accidently removed my SD card while the log light was still on. Can I save my video?

It’s most likely that the video file is now corrupt because the Video VBOX didn’t close it properly. Try playing the Video with VLC player or use DivFix++ software to repair the AVI file.

The last time I used my VBOX was about a year ago and it was working fine. I tried it today and it can’t seem to get GPS lock.

Try a GPS coldstart by holding down the log button. This will enable the receiver to perform a new search for satellites. After you have performed the Coldstart, leave the car in a clear, static location for about 5 minutes.

I spent a day on the track and recorded loads of laps. However, when I loaded my file into Circuit Tools I only have one large session rather than separate laps.

Circuit Tools is most likely set to ‘Show whole file’. Click the Session tab and then select ‘Show Laps’ in Display mode.

I've purchased a Bluetooth Start/Stop logging switch. How do I set it up.

To initially connect your Bluetooth Start/Stop logging switch, follow these instructions.

Hire Units

Why hire a unit instead of buying?

There are several benefits of hiring a unit vs purchasing but it's different for every situation. Hiring a unit gives you the benefits of using the system for a one off, without the full financial commitment of an in-car camera system. You'll receive full support from the Edge Motorsport team with installation, software, imagery, etc. If you're looking to hire the unit for a sponsor ride day, the Edge Motorsport team provides full imagery customisation for each hire as well as a team member at the event to install and monitor the unit.


I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Edge Motorsport does not offer returns for a simple change of mind. If your item is faulty we can offer you a replacement or full refund as long as the item is returned in good condition and the fault is not caused by misuse of the item.

How long will it take to receive my item?

This varies from item to item. Most of our products ship direct from the UK so there can be a delay in delivery time. Please check the shipping description on the indidivual item.

My item has to come from the UK. Why can't they ship it direct to me.

We like all orders to come through our offices to make sure that everything is in order and there is no damage in transit.

Why would I buy from Edge Motorsport when I can just order it direct from the UK?

When importing camera systems from overseas, there are customs & duty fees when the order arrives in Australia. These fees are payable by you, the purchaser, and will heavily increase the cost of your order. Also, if you have any problems or warranty issues, Edge Motorsport can not provide any support. If you have to send the item back for repair, you will incur customs fees again when the item returns even if it's repaired under warranty.

Performance Coaching

Will the coach get in the car with me?

No. Over the years our instructors have found that in the moment, drivers are less likely to absorb the advice if given from the passenger seat. Instead we use an in-car camera system that records footage and data that you can review with your instructor in the garage allowing more time to go over how your driving can be improved.

I don't have a helmet. Can I still participate?

Yes but you will need to hire a helmet from us at the cost of $25 per day.

Do I need a race suit?

No. To participate you just need to wearing full length clothing and enclosed shoes.

Can I bring family & friends to watch?

No. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions only participants and coaches are allowed.

Will the instructor drive my car?

Only if you choose. Our instructors can provide you with a target lap which involves them driving your vehicle with you in the passenger seat but this is purely your decision.

Do I get access to the footage?

Yes, we can upload your footage after the day for you to download.

What happens if the Bend changes my scheduled date?

We will work with you to get the best outcome. We can either rebook you on the next date that suits or if necessary, provide you with a refund.